What is Quantum Bio-Resonance all about?

The Bioresonance therapy is a gentle computer controlled oscillation therapy without any side effects stimulating the self-healing powers and in most of the cases leading to a recovery. It's about clearing stress from your body, removing disharmonious frequencies and replacing them with harmonious frequencies.

The human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations: cells, tissue and organs have each their specific oscillations. These single oscillations are in mutual correlation and influence bach other. Together they form the patient's entire oscillation spectrum, the individual oscillation pattern.

These oscillatirins are called "physiological" or "harmonious" oscillations. When a human body is disposed to pathogenic factors or is ill, some new sources of electromagnetic oscillations are being formed there, i.e. pathological or disharmonious oscillations. They distort physiological balance breaking self-regulated system of the men's body.

You can very well imagine that the oscillations of a healthy person have a different structure than those of a sick person. In the oscillation pattern of a sick person the oscillations of foreign substances stored in the body such as amalgam, bacteria, viruses, allergens, mycosis etc. disturb the normal oscillation pattern.

Physical, psychological, ecological and other kinds of stresses are making the situation worse stimulating the development of pathological processes and upsetting the dynamic balance. Pathological oscillations (frequencies), accompany or aggravate almost all illnesses.

Bioresonance Therapy is attractive not only for patients but also for physicians. Firstly, the diagnosing possibilities of the bioresonance therapy are almost unlimited. It is possible not only to define the character of disease, but to optimize its treatment, as the method lets to foresee presumable side effect of the remedy. Secondly, the list of diseases yielding to bioresonance therapy is vast.

Why does the human system get stressed and out of resonace?

Because we live in a very fast-moving electrical world, our systems often get stressed and out of tune. Microwaves. Cell phones. TVs. Computer monitors. Electronic air waves. All these devices can create "electro-smog" in your world. This is what unbalances your highly-calibrated and complex internal electrical system.

What does quantum Bio-Resonance do?

BioResonance helps to re-balance your energy field and helps to eliminate some of the irritants and toxicity in your body. The process helps to smooth out your energy flow. BioResonance helps ease stress as well as acute health problems or long-term chronic problems. You can use bioresonance for body maintenance, for preventative treatments to stay healthy or you can use it just to feel wonderful!

How does Bio-Resonance therapy work?

Bioresonance therapy is a new unique method of therapy that is using organic oscillations of the human body. The Bioresonance therapy considerably strengthens your own defence and selfthealing powers.

The main principals of this therapy can be described like this human body and its functioning systems aresources of extremely low-level electromagnetic oscillations (internal static) in a wideband spectrum of frequencies.

Human body oscillations (signals) are of electromagnetic origin therefore it is possible to identify unhealthy electromagnetic oscillations. Bioresonance therapy sends into the body specific electromagnetic frequencies and biofeedback information that are native to the healthy functioning of every organ and tissue, thus toniing body systems. As a result of such therapy pathological oscillations get weaker or completely suppress, on the other hand physiological oscillations intensity. Physiological and dynamic balance of the human body (homeostasis) gets gradually restored.

Due to the techniques used in Bioresonance therapy it is possible to record distinctive for each patient electromagnetic oscillations spectrum to different kinds of information storages (water, homeopathic remedies, physiological solution, etc) used for internal use between the Bio-Resonance therapy sessions.

The opportunities of bioresonance therapy can be expanded by applying multiresonant therapy. It is a treatment by means of signals of an environment with which the organism resonates. Similar principles are used in colortherapy, treatment by stones, metals, magnet therapy, sounds, etc. By the way, such popular direction as homeopathy is a version of multiresonant therapy.

Is Bio-Resonance therapy dangerous?

The answer to this question is simple enough-no. As to contra-indications, they are not revealed. The matter is that any contra-indications are based on individual intolerance of medicines, or connected to any side effects of a preparation, in fact bioresonance therapy does not offer "blind" treatment when the patient is prescribed a medicine, and then estimated if it is bearable.

As the Bio-Resonance therapy is used as a therapeutic measure, in other words, it is an influencing by small electromagnetic fluctuations which are generated by a device, it is simply no sense to speak of side effects and individual intolerance.