Bio-Resonance is an alternative medical method, targeting in the accurate diagnosis and further cure of every medical problem or energy disfunction that can occur to every live being, including humans.

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Bio-Power is an implementation of Bio-Resonance method that specializes in professional sports activities. Bio-Power can improve to the maximum all these parameters that support athletes in order to achieve the higher possible performance required.
In detail, Bio-Power:

  • Enriches and maximizes athlete's energy supplies
  • Wards off exhaustion
  • Defers fatigue symptomps
  • Accelerates the supercompensation process spectacularly

Bio-power method,boosts up and supports all parametres of the physical condition,
such as:

  • Maximizes strength and max power, where required
  • Maximizes endurance, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance,s peed endurance, strength and power endurance, depending of the chosen sport-activity
  • Enhances speed reaction, explosivity, flexibility, where required
  • Equalizes muscle/fat tissue percentage, depending of the every sports-activity requirements
  • Natural and fast fat burning, where required
  • Maximize muscle size where required (body-building, powerlifting, track and field athletics, etc.)
  • Restores rapidly all damaged tissues, cells and systems that contribute to the sports performance
  • Maximizes concentration ability, where required,and supports many more phsychological factors that can occur in a game, race or any other perfomance-activity
  • Provides accurate diagnosis, and up to 60% faster recovery than other methods, even of the most difficult and complicated injuries (knees, ligaments, achill tendons spine injuries, etc)

Whatever that a trainer or a professional sportsman-athlete can require from the most updated science achievements in the sport field, can be found in Bio-Power method applications. Forget drugs and harmful situations, forget complicated supplements of doubtfull results, and start now with Bio-Power...
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By utilizing Bio-Power method, the athletes have the ability to be in the tapering stage-condition throughout the whole lasting training and performance period. Possible training mistakes can be corrected, as the coach has clear view of the athlete's everyday condition, specially for athletes and teams that are facing demanding events, protracted hi-demand periods, and significant obligations. It is clear to us how useful and necessary our method is.

Bio-Power is the natural - non drug medical support to proffesional sportsmen

Especialy, the trainers, physiotherapists, and the athletes themselves, can have daily, weekly, or monthly access to the condition of the various tissues, hormones, viatmins, microelements and nutricion suggestions as well. They can also be provided acurate diagnosis for every weak point or genetic predisposition of their system.

Guaranteed galactic acid release, within 15 minutes

Bio-Power is always evolving and enriched, in order to stay the most modern, safe, and precise medical method available. It is fully adapted to every sport's high performance demands.