A Few Words About The Doctor

Andrey Musaev is a Member of the International Academy of Integrative Medicine Practitioners who has been using the Bio-Resonance therapy for many years now and has managed to treat effectively various disorders and serious diseases. He holds the International Certificate of Completion of Advanced Level Study in Homeopathic Medicine and he is an Associate Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy, U.K. He has studied in the Center of Intellectual Medical Systems - IMEDIS and he has a Specialization in Actual Methods of Reflex Therapy, R-Voll Method, Bio-Resonance Therapy and Vegetative Resonance Test.

Bio-Resonance therapy is a painless, quick method of treatment offering the possibility of specifically treating all kinds of diseases successfully. It has been a holistic process that allows the diagnosis and treatment of particularly chronic and allergic diseases to be approached in new ways. In the human body, cells, tissue and organs all radiate electromagnetic oscillations to varying degrees.

These individual oscillations are connected to each other, influence each other and together make up an oscillation pattern. With Bio-Resonance Therapy disruptive electromagnetic oscillations are absorbed by electrodes placed at certain points on the body and directed into a therapeutic device where they are converted and fed back into the body as healing therapeutic oscillations. This leads to a noticeable increase in the strength of the body's natural defences and activates its powers of self-healing.

More specifically, in the Olympic Games Performance sector, this new diagnostic and therapeutic method, known as Bio-Resonance (product of German - Soviet research and technology), guarantees spectacular results regarding the natural condition (durability, strength, speed, seizure, stress control etc.) of the high level athletes, who are active in any sport that demands physical and mental effort, specifically for the Ski athletes of the Olympic class.

The application of the above mentioned method, which is also called Bio-Power, improves all natural and biological parameters that supports athletes to the achieve great records without any undesirable side effects on their health.

Bio-Power method uses the Bio-Resonance principles which is a completely non-drug method, specific for each athlete, since it is developed according to his needs, bases on homeopathy and bioenergetic principles of holistic medicine, which protect the health of the athletes and improve these parameters that define their sports performance.

Due to the fact that the method does not use drugs, there is no risk for tracking any forbidden substances in the blood of the athletes during the doping control.

Success Stories

In my many-year carrer I have assisted many athletes from very demanding sports, like the Olympic Ski-Racing and The Jumping Ski Contests, and I would like to inform you that I took determinative participation in the success of:

  • Julia Chepalova who earned a gold medal and the 1st place in 1500m sprint in Salt Lake City Winter Olympics of 2002
  • Eugenia Kravtsova, Champion of Russia for 2002 and world damsel champion 2002 in Germany
  • Vassily Rotchev who took the 2nd place in Russian Championship 2002
  • Vouliagmeni Water Polo Team, 2003 Euro Cup winner, 6 times Greek Champion, 4 times Euro Champion, Final-Four qualified
  • George Sigalas, a well known basketball player of Olympiakos Greek team
  • Oleg Protasov, USSR national football team striker
  • Eddie Johnson, NBA basketball player
  • Walter Berry, NBA basketball player
  • Stojan Vrankovic, NBA basketball player

... and many many more.